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Hello Erik,

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>Hello public-svg-wg,
>A question regarding path normalization:
>- When closing a subpath with the SVGPath.close() method, does it add a  
>LINE_TO if the coordinate of the start doesn't match the end coordinate?  
>The path normalization list doesn't mention this case. It has implications  
>for both the SVGPath interface and path animation/interpolation[4].

It would be wrong to imply a LINE_TO. The LINE_TO does not imply a line
join to be formed at the intersection of the starting point and the end
of the LINE_TO so they are semantically different. The join will be
formed by a close path.

>The testcase udom-svgpath-201-t.svg[2] assumes that a lineto is not added.

Then it's a good test.

>SVG 1.1 [3] doesn't disallow normalizing a close command as lineto+close,  
>it only states the set of allowed normalized commands (so even if you  
>wanted to normalize close as curveto+lineto+close you'd be free to do so).
>The following two paths are not interpolable[4] if the lineto isn't added  
>as a normalization step:
>   <path d="M0 0l10 10z"/>
>   <path d="M0 0l10 10l-10 -10z"/>

I wouldn't expect those to be interpolable.

>I would like the 1.2T spec to define how close commands should be  

Yes that would be good, but the number of commands in each path
syntax element should remain equal, the implementation should
not synthesize extra ones IMO.


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