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[Bug 10829] Remove the whitespace from the <rp> example

[Bug 10830] i18n comment : Please add support for rb

[Bug 12417] HTML5 is missing attribute for specifying translatability of content

[Bug 16165] i18n-ISSUE-136: Recognition of number formats in Number state

[Bug 16166] i18n-ISSUE-138: Make lang and xml:lang synonyms in HTML5

[Bug 16166] New: i18n-ISSUE-138: Make lang and xml:lang synonyms in HTML5

[Bug 16167] i18n-ISSUE-141: Mistake in entity assignments

[Bug 16167] New: i18n-ISSUE-141: Mistake in entity assignments

[Bug 16190] Polyglot Markup: Clarify that xml:lang is optional

[Bug 16589] Can't upload spec section data for XML

[Bug 16589] New: Can't upload spec section data for XML

[Bug 16590] New: View results broken for certain i18n-XML tests

[css3-background] should box-decoration-break also apply to bidi reordering splits?

[CSS] Deferring rtl/ltr annotations to L4

[minutes] i18n core telecon 2012-02-08

[minutes] i18n telecon 2012-01-25

[minutes] i18n telecon 2012-02-01

[minutes] i18n telecon 2012-02-22

[minutes] i18n telecon 2012-03-07

[minutes] i18n telecon 2012-03-21

[minutes] i18n telecon, 2012-02-29

[Unicode liaison] Encoding document at W3C

[xml2rfc] Generating HTML and PDF with Unicode (and diagrams?)

Discuss IRI progress with W3C I18N WG

Encoding specification

Fwd: Geolocation API Level 2 LC comment

Fwd: Re: Lists tests

HTML5 Comment disposition

i18n WG position on Issue-172 "restore <rb> as an optional element"

I18N-ISSUE-123: Insertion of U+202C [HTML5-prep]

i18n-ISSUE-140: Multilingual q nesting

i18n-ISSUE-140: Multilingual q nesting [CSS21] [css3-content]

I18N-ISSUE-147: [css3-syntax] CSS escape sequences [CSS-mail]

I18N-ISSUE-148: Code-point length shouldn't be number of code units [HTML5-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-149: Code point definition [Encoding-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-150: User agents must not support any other encodings or labels. [Encoding-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-151: This algorithm is different from the one defined in section 1.4 of Unicode Technical Standard #22 [Encoding-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-152: New content and formats must exclusively use the utf-8 encoding [Encoding-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-153: Why aren't ASCII and latin1 encodings in the label list? [Encoding-prep]

I18N-ISSUE-154: [Polyglot] "Clarify that xml:lang is optional" [Mail-HTML]

I18N-ISSUE-155: [Bug 16520] New: Don't indicate that XML MIME types *requires* xml:lang [Adhoc-HTML]

IME API work...

IRI working group progress -- new drafts

ISSUE-172: restore-rb- Chairs Solicit Proposals

New full Unicode for ES6 idea

New issue products

New products for tracker review

non-support of using surrogate pairs in CSS escapes [I18N-ACTION-90] [I18N-ISSUE-147]

Request to invite non-members to w3c i18n wg mtg

Rework of Bidi inline article

Selecting Glyph Variants

TransAnn: LCWD of HTML5 Web Messaging; deadline April 3

UTR#50 [I18N-ACTION-93]

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