RE: [xml2rfc] Generating HTML and PDF with Unicode (and diagrams?)

{{Talking about allowing a conditional-use in XML2RFC where you could supply unicode strings for the .HTML and .PDF rendeirngs}}

> Maybe we should start small, and look at your concrete use case.
> I'll assume it has to do with putting non-ASCII characters into IRI examples?

Yes. There are several examples where accented roman characters I think would be more useful, especially when talking about uncoded and coded forms.
Take the first example of section 3.4.1. 

   For example, the IRI
   will be converted to

But in fact there is no way to put "an IRI" in an Internet draft, since  it is a sequence of unicode characters, and to give an example of one in an ascii-only document, you have to use an encoded form.

Since Internet Drafts and RFCs already allow supplying and delivering PDF, we wouldn't have to change IETF policy to get these examples actually legible to those who need to read and interpret them.

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