HTML5 Comment disposition

For one of my action items this week, I reviewed our HTML5 issues located here:

Here are the ones that I would like to forward without further review:

ISSUE-81: Strip other line-terminators?
ISSUE-83: Note about why Gregorian only used
ISSUE-84: Representing BCE months
ISSUE-85: Health warning about converting date to/from incremental time
ISSUE-86: Option for 1 digit hour
ISSUE-87: Leap seconds
ISSUE-88: Local/floating date and time
ISSUE-89: Time zones and local dates and times
ISSUE-91: 15 minute time zones
ISSUE-92: Time zone offset vs. time zone
ISSUE-93: Implicit conversion to incremental time?
ISSUE-94: Allowing culturally specific week rules
ISSUE-97: Allowing a page to request a given locale (to present numbers and dates)
ISSUE-98: 13 month calendars (not supported by 'month' data type)
ISSUE-99: Floating times for date and time
ISSUE-100: Setting date or time fields with Olson id or GMT+/-
ISSUE-101: Allow digit shaping for numbers
ISSUE-102: Which path separator?
ISSUE-103: Referring to Charmod in 2.1.6
ISSUE-104: What additional requirement on character encodings?
ISSUE-107: Replacement characters
ISSUE-108: Encoding = Character encoding
ISSUE-109: Use term 'space characters'
ISSUE-111: Why is lastModified format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss?
ISSUE-112: Should lastModified convey time zone info?
ISSUE-114: Document.defaultCharset
ISSUE-118: Explicitly unknown language
ISSUE-119: Example of the language detection fallback mechanism
ISSUE-121: Concept of paragraphs
ISSUE-122: Refer to UBA in 3.2.6
ISSUE-125: Changing encoding to utf-8
ISSUE-126: Health warning about lang attribute in 4.1
ISSUE-134: Non-normative nit

Here are the ones that I think should be dropped:

ISSUE-90: involved a typo that is no longer present (I actually closed this item)

Here are the ones that I think we should discuss:

ISSUE-105: Compatibility caseless matching
ISSUE-106: When the character cannot be encoded into the target encoding
ISSUE-115: Should Document.charset and Document.characterSet be harmonized?
ISSUE-116: Setting and getting the direction of the title attribute
ISSUE-120: Non-ASCII Unicode characters in data-*
ISSUE-123: Insertion of U+202C
ISSUE-124: Wording on avoidance of Unicode control characters
ISSUE-129: Why is content language processing not equivalent to HTTP Content-Language?
ISSUE-130: Health warning about no file-internal encoding in JS
ISSUE-131: UTF-32 bom
ISSUE-132: Pubdates on article
ISSUE-135: List type list

Addison Phillips
Globalization Architect (Lab126)
Chair (W3C I18N WG)

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture.

Received on Friday, 2 March 2012 21:02:45 UTC