Re: Discuss IRI progress with W3C I18N WG

I think it will be acceptable to both our guests Larry and Peter to attend
the following week if you believe there will be time allotment problems.

John O'Conner

On 2/17/12 6:07 AM, "Richard Ishida" <> wrote:

>Just noting that we have already invited Mike Smith to discuss how to
>move ruby forward with us at next week's meeting. We should take that
>into account wrt agenda timing.
>On 17/02/2012 01:07, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
>> I think one point that should be on the agenda for this topic is to what
>> extent and when the I18N WG would be able to review the document(s) from
>> the IRI WG.
>> Regards, Martin.

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