RE: [xml2rfc] Generating HTML and PDF with Unicode (and diagrams?)

Sorry, I thought RFC 2223 had been updated to allow PDF files as well as Postscript files.  

" PDF is a document format. (I find it odd to be saying that to someone who works for Adobe.)"

I know better than most, and have for longer than I've worked for Adobe. 

   While the primary RFCs is always an ASCII text file, secondary or
   alternative versions of RFC may be provided in PostScript.  This
   decision is motivated by the desire to include diagrams, drawings,
   and such in RFCs.  PostScript documents (on paper only, so far) are
   visually more appealing and have better readability.

I agree that the policy discussion doesn't belong on this mailing list, and I'm trying to keep the topic restricted to
"how to modify xml2rfc so that it is possible to produce documents which meet the guidelines of RFC 2223".

In particular,  how to include
     "and such" -- interpreting "and such" to include "Examples where presentation of unicode
                            strings in natural examples".

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