Re: [xml2rfc] Generating HTML and PDF with Unicode (and diagrams?)

On 2012-03-10 23:00, Larry Masinter wrote:
> I'm trying to solve a local problem of making the IRI internet drafts more useful, through a change to (or a pre-processor for) xml2rfc. I do not wish to open the "What formats are allowed for RFCs" can of worms, please stay completely shut. The current policy, however, allows for PDF editions of RFCs. My only question is how to best accomplish, using xml2rfc, this limited design goal.
> So no, this is *not* a discussion for rfc-interest, because I do not at all wish to change the current policy, which I think allows everything I'd like to accomplish.
> I'm *only* talking about how best to change xml2rfc to be useful in producing submissions which are consistent with existing policy.
> Larry

You could just use rfc2629.xslt and rfc2629toFop.xslt, which should work 
fine with non-ASCII characters.

For "down-conversion" to the all-ASCII format we'd need a simple XSLT 
that strips or converts the examples.

(Stripping will be easier :-)

Best regards, Julian

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