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Hello Martin,

In today's I18N Core teleconference [1], I was tasked with writing to you and asking if you were interested in updating this article. It seems that this article started life as one of your IUC presentations (at IUC12!) and you are listed as both the author and most recent updater. 

In addition to adding the text that Chris suggests (with appropriate modifications), we would ask that you update the links (Unicode 6.1 was announced today; the document links to Unicode 3.2) and do any other editorial cleanup necessary. 

As Richard noted, changes to the document need to go through the WG approval process. If you are interested in updating this document, one easy way to do that would be to put the text into our Wiki (please don't just change the published document). If you're not available or interested, please do keep an eye open for an update in the future.

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> On 01/02/2012 06:22, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
> > I'd personally suggest that you just add that text, if nobody complains.
> > I think it's good to hear from Addison that he thinks that the I18N
> > Core WG should work on updating it, but I'd propose that you don't
> > wait for that; work that's already done is already done.
> Absolutely not!  These articles all go through an approval process via the WG
> and wider to ensure that they are as accurate as possible at the time of
> publication, and then there are also translations to think about.
> Another possibility is that we write an article specifically about this feature,
> with more in depth explanations, and just link to it from the article
> mentioned. This would bring far more attention to the feature.
> (Btw, we should also consider whether to create tests, with results
> summaries, to support the mention of features like this.)
> For the text Chris suggested (thanks btw, Chris!) there are some things we
> need to take care with. Chris's suggested text describes the feature as if it is
> available now for all to use.  We try very hard to write these articles so that
> it's clear what does and doesn't work right now for developers.  There are
> also concerns about advising people to use vendor-specific extensions.
> So we'd need to modify "allows CSS stylesheets to" to something like "will
> soon allow CSS stylesheets to" and then provide information about where it
> currently works (and then update it again as things develop, of course). (And
> get the translators to update their translations.)
> So I guess we should add this to the list of things to work on, Addison.
> Thanks for the suggestion, Chris.
> RI
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