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[minutes] Thursday 31 July 2008 Francois Daoust (Thursday, 31 July)

Next BPWG Call on Thursday 28th August Jo Rabin (Thursday, 31 July)

Request for suggested BPs / comments on MWABP document. Adam Connors (Thursday, 31 July)

ACTION-798: Work proposed changes into the mobileOK Pro document and then turn it over to the group Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 31 July)

ISSUE-266: Which mobileOK Pro tests needs the DDC and which don't? Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 31 July)

ACTION-809: Prepare official responses to the two Last Call comments Francois Daoust (Thursday, 31 July)

Fwd: Request for Comments on Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 31 July)

ACTION-703 ISSUE-222 Draft text: On Linking Alternative Representations To Enable Discovery And Publishing Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 30 July)

Build a Mobile Friendly Site using your Mobile Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 30 July)

ACTION-792: Propose some text on SVG Abel Rionda (Wednesday, 30 July)

[agenda] Agenda for BPWG 2008-07-31 Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 30 July)

Content Transformation Guidelines 1o (Rev 15) Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 30 July)

New Official release of Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 30 July)

Mobile Web Best Practices Reaches Recommendation and Application Best Practices becomes Public Working Draft Jo Rabin (Tuesday, 29 July)

FYI - Rich Mobile Web Services in OMTP 전종홍 (Friday, 25 July)

ACTION-785: Check the personalization section for specific parts that seem to imply combination of personal information with usage patterns Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 24 July)

ACTION-793 Work with Scott to produce proposed text on caching that goes beyond BP 1 Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 24 July)

[minutes] Thursday July 24 teleconf Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Thursday, 24 July)

ACTION-807 - for completeness sake, here is the full mobileOK example Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Thursday, 24 July)

[Fwd: Content Transformation Guidelines 1n (Rev 14)] Jo Rabin (Thursday, 24 July)

[agenda] Agenda for today's call Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Thursday, 24 July)

ACTION-808: Arrange the funeral of Techniques Francois Daoust (Wednesday, 23 July)

Content Transformation Guidelines 1m (Rev 13) nearly now all "ship shape and Bristol fashion" Jo Rabin (Tuesday, 22 July)

Comments to Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD Sullivan, Bryan (Friday, 18 July)

ISSUE-270 (CT and direct choice of user experience): Content Transformation on web sites that offer the user direct choice of representation. [Content Transformation Guidelines] Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 18 July)

[minutes] BPWG Teleconference Thursday 17 July 2008 Francois Daoust (Thursday, 17 July)

Re: [agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call, Accessibility document progress Yeliz Yesilada (Thursday, 17 July)

Re: New draft of Mobile Web Applications Best Practices (20080717) uploaded. Adam Connors (Thursday, 17 July)

[agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Wednesday, 16 July)

[minutes] BPWG Teleconference Thursday 10 July 2008 Francois Daoust (Thursday, 10 July)

MWBP - WCAG doc: small typo fixes in together page Francois Daoust (Thursday, 10 July)

ACTION-786 Draft some wording on features of the delivery environment that are different for mobile Jo Rabin (Thursday, 10 July)

[agenda] Agenda for BPWG Call 2008-07-10 Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 9 July)

Question regarding a rule... Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich (Wednesday, 9 July)

Second draft of Relationship between MWBP and WCAG published Francois Daoust (Wednesday, 9 July)

New draft of Mobile Web Applications Best Practices (rev 11) uploaded. Adam Connors (Monday, 7 July)

Re: ACTION-665: Talk to Jeffs about what support they can provide on examples (m Jeff Sonstein (Friday, 4 July)

Re: ACTION-665: Talk to Jeffs about what support they can provide on examples (mobile-accessibility document) Alan Chuter (Friday, 4 July)

ISSUE 248 - Microformats Manrique Lopez (Friday, 4 July)

New draft of mobileOK Basic 1zo (draft 41) - preview of PR draft Jo Rabin (Thursday, 3 July)

[minutes] Thursday 03 July 2008 Teleconf Francois Daoust (Thursday, 3 July)

Re: More clarifications on object processing Jo Rabin (Thursday, 3 July)

ISSUE-268 (mwabpTestcases): Test cases to illustrate mobile web application best practices [Mobile Web Applications Best Practices] Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 3 July)

[agenda] Agenda for BPWG Call 2008-07-03 Francois Daoust (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: Photo album for BP/DD WG F2F meeting in Sophia (Tuesday, 1 July)

"Going fast on the Mobile Web" - input for MWABP? Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Tuesday, 1 July)

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