New draft of mobileOK Basic 1zo (draft 41) - preview of PR draft

I've posted a new version of mobileOK Basic Tests at

Differences from LC-4 Editors Draft:

I intend to make some further minor tweaks to correct punctuation and 
some wording but they can wait. Please review this draft and in 
particular give your consideration to the Object Processing Rule which 
has been such a headache.

Also I think
as it is now superfluous.


[principal changes]

Corrections as noted by Francois when posting previous draft into TR space.

Removal of reference to mobileOK Pro in Appendix C

Removal of reference to mobileOK Pro in section 1 and renaming of
section 1.1 and 1.1.1

Corrections to Object Processing and HTTP Response as noted by Dom and 
Francois and as noted by me on the public-bpwg-comment list.

Changes to clarify the difference between type attribute, Internet Media 
Type and Presentation Media Type.

Received on Thursday, 3 July 2008 16:45:31 UTC