CT Last Call (Was: [agenda] Agenda for BPWG 2008-07-31)

Jo Rabin wrote:
  > 3. Content Transformation Guidelines
> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: BPWG requests transition of current Draft 1o of the 
> Content Transformation Guidelines with a Last Call Comment period ending 
> Friday September 5.

Given that August is usually a low-activity period, that the document 
reaches Last Call for the first time, and is likely to trigger a few 
comments, the comment period should probably be extended some more, to, 
say Tuesday September 16.

[I also note that if the above resolution is taken, we may have to wait 
a bit for the re-chartering to be finalized before we may publish the 
doc. We have good hopes that this should be done pretty soon, and should 
have more info tomorrow]

We also need to define the list of groups we want to draw attention to 
the document. Dom and I reviewed the spec this morning, and came up with 
the following list:

- the IETF HTTP bis group, in particular for the alteration of HTTP 
headers values.
- the TAG, given their finding on alternative representations and our 
use of the link element.
- HTML and XHTML2 for the use of the link element as well.
- WebApps for the "[proxies] are able positively to determine that user 
agent is a Web browser" (although we already made our point during the 
Last Call of XmlHttpRequest spec, I guess).
- the Open Mobile Alliance, through the Hypertext Coordination Group


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