[agenda] Agenda for BPWG Call 2008-07-10

Please note that this meeting is W3C Member Only.

Please make sure that if you are sending regrets you do so _before_ the
call and please use the member list (using the link below [a]) to
do so.


[a] mailto:member-bpwg@w3.org?subject=Regrets%20for%20BPWG%202008-04-03

Chair: Jo
Team Contact: Francois
Known Regrets: Heiko, Dominique


1. Reports from Task Forces

a. Checker

b. CT

c. Korea (if present)

2. Updates

a. Mobile / Accessibility

Published as a 2nd PWD, next steps? Timeframes?

b. Mobile Web Applications Doc (aka BP-2)

can we take the following resolution?

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: The BPWG resolves to publish the current draft as a 
FPWD, modulo the following ...

c. mobileOK Basic Tests

Current Draft 44 aka 1zr


PROPOSED RESOLUTION: The BPWG is done with this doc and would like the 
Team to progress to PR (please).

d. BP 1.5 (aka mobileOK Pro)

e. mobileOK Scheme (and POWDER Labels)

3. Administrativa

a. Meetings During the Summer

Please respond to the poll at


indicating your availability

b. Next F2F and Tech Plenary 20-21 Oct in Cannes Mandelieu


c. Good Standing

[Not answering a mandatory questionnaire instantly kicks you from Good 
Standing, so pls make sure you answer the two questionnaires above]


That section of the agenda we love to hate. Please make sure you have 
reviewed your Action items and updated them to "Pending Review" before 
the meeting.

Rogues Gallery: http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/BPWG/Group/track/
Open Actions: http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/BPWG/Group/track/actions/open
Pending Review: 

5. AOB


Date [ISO 8601 style]: 2008-07-10T1400Z

         0700 US Pacific
         1000 US Eastern
         1500 UK, Ireland
         1600 CET
         1700 Helsinki

Phone: tel:+16177616200, tel:+33489063499 or tel:+441173706152
                 Code 2794 ("BPWG") followed by #

IRC: irc://irc.w3.org:6665#bpwg

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