Question regarding a rule...

Hi, is one error away from being mobileOK.
The error is

Related best practices: 
Resize images at the server, if they have an intrinsic size. 
<> ] Specify the size
of images in markup, if they have an intrinsic size. 

*	  Either the height or width attribute is missing 
	... <img alt=""

If you look at the request, it is for an image that is delivered by our
ad server.  It does not include height and width, because we /*cannot
know the dimensions at this time*/ !
This is because the requests contains information about the group the
customer belongs to.
The ad server then decides which image to send and only the ad server,
at that moment, knows which dimensions the image has.
How could we, a prior, include image size information?

Received on Wednesday, 9 July 2008 15:49:07 UTC