Re: "Going fast on the Mobile Web" - input for MWABP?

On 02/07/2008 01:11, Jeff Sonstein wrote:

>> 7. use JSON instead of XML
> JSON maps directly into Javascript/ECMAScript objects
> while XML objects require (relatively) mucho parsing

"I don't disagree" (TM) with this but think we'd need a couple of things 
before making it a definite recommendation. e.g. can you always map from 
XML to JSON? In general I think we might want to say something like 
"balance the expressive power of the data representation with current 
and anticipated needs and the processing overhead of dealing with the 
representation. For example, for some applications JSON provides ... at 
a lower cost in processing and transfer." However we'd probably also 
want to say that "for inter operability reasons" XML may still be a 
better choice. Inter operability is presumably not a big issue where you 
are sending both the client that consumes the data and the data itself, 
but if you want to permit mashups etc then it puts a different 
complexion on it. Also, is there a stable "quasi normative" reference 
for JSON e.g. doesn't appear to be versioned ...


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