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> Are web sites created with mobile phone suitable only for mobile web  
> or for the Internet also?
> I mean the screen resolution, navigation system, scroll feature, etc.

it is indeed possible to build sites which
"gracefully enhance" themselves to respond to
being loaded in a big-screen device
rather than a small-screen one

I am shifting the code for the
Center for the Handheld Web site
to demonstrate these capabilities

load it in a small-screen device aka mobile)
and you get one CSS set applied
load it in a big-screen device (aka desktop)
and you get different CSS applied

(note: a known-and-reported bug in FireFox version 3
  interferes with the browser responding properly to these pages
  when FF3 is resized to narrower than 600-some pixels wide
  but it works correctly in all other known browsers)

let me know if I can be of any assistance to your folks in this area


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