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Editorial: J2EE, not JEE Elliotte Harold (Thursday, 24 August)

javascript: IRI scheme Krzysztof Maczynski (Tuesday, 22 August)

Reference to IRI matching rules... Brad Porter (Wednesday, 23 August)

Two proposals for section 2 matching algorithm Brad Porter (Wednesday, 23 August)

XBL media type? Mark Baker (Tuesday, 22 August)

Web Application Packaging Format Requirements: 1st Working Draft Published Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 22 August)

Web Forms 2.0: 1st Working Draft published Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 22 August)

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Re: XBL2 review Ian Hickson (Monday, 21 August)

RE: XBL2 review Doug Schepers (Monday, 21 August)

XBL2: Now With Tasty New Examples! Ian Hickson (Monday, 21 August)

[XBL2] minor typo in one of the examples Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 17 August)

[WF2] request for clarification in the SotD Dean Jackson (Thursday, 17 August)

[XBL2] Problems with 3.3: Loading Style Sheets Lachlan Hunt (Wednesday, 16 August)

[XBL2] <resources> Expected Children Lachlan Hunt (Wednesday, 16 August)

[XBL2] <handler> attribute descriptions: attr-name and attr-change Lachlan Hunt (Wednesday, 16 August)

Web Forms 2.0 as a W3C draft Ian Hickson (Tuesday, 15 August)

Re: XBL and tooltips Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 14 August)

[XBL2] title="" attribute Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 14 August)

[XBL2] state="" attribute Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 14 August)

[XBL2] definition of the class="" attribute Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 14 August)

[XBL2] Erroneous Example - Mismatched ID and Fragment Identifier Lachlan Hunt (Monday, 14 August)

XBL in CSS Ian Hickson (Monday, 14 August)

Re: Comments and questions on XBL2 Working Draft Mikko Pohja (Wednesday, 9 August)

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Decouple XBL2 From CSS Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 2 August)

Elliotte Rusty Harold on Access Control Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 2 August)

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