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"export" attribute?

?? Invalid: 'name' must be an NCName

[ANN] LOGML (Log Markup Language) Draft Specification and Schema

[ANN] XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language) Schema Update

[ANNOUNCE]: xerces-j 1.4.1 released

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Xerces-C 1.5.0 is now available

[Moderator Action] Problems with Converting

[xmlschema-dev] <none>

Allowing any sub-element while requiring one particular sub-element

ANN: TIBCO Software Announces Commercial Release of XML Validate

Announce: dtd2xs v1.0 released

ANNOUNCE: XML Spy 4.0b1 released today, adds support for XML Sche ma Recommendation and more

Announce: xsbrowser v1.0 released

Are this files correct?

ASN.1 => XML Schema questions

attributes with prefix in schema

AW: Newbie question: MPEG7,XSV,Xerces -XSV11 version

AW: Probs with validating against XML-Schmea with Xerces

Choice between two elements with a same name and different types

Choice of subelements by attribute value?

Complex type inheritance is evil!

Constructing new cocatenated element content

Detecting of schema errors

Dom interface to get attribute

element name/ref uniqueness

Element occurence

Element occurrence

elements in dtd

Email type

Extensions of Enumerations

Final clause in attributes

fixed property of the min/max/Inclusive/Exclusive facet

fractionDigits facet constraints

Future developments of XML-Schema ?

Getting the attributes type information through a Java API

Global Vs Root Element.

Handling Ampersands

How to default elements to be created if missing?

ID samples?

ID/IDREF/IDREFS as elements


Intensional intersection means what?

Is there still the DTD's order limitation in Schema ?

keyRef scope and Xerces Parser !?

Mixing schemaLocation and noNamespaceSchemaLocation?

Multiple Definition for the Same Tag

Multiple include problem in XML-Schema (XSD).

multiple type definitions for elements with the same name

Nevermind (was RE: XML Schema data type library)

Newbie question: MPEG7,XSV,Xerces


Omitted facet component restraint???

Probs with validating against XML-Schmea with Xerces

Question about Chameleon schemas

Question about combination of xsi:type and import

Question about complexType with unordered child elements with at least one child element

question about mutual <import>ing

Question about vallidating packages

rdf schemas 4 XML-Info, PSVI, & Schema components

recursive definitions in XML Schema

Recursive element definition

Restriction validation (3.9.6)

Restrictions and base type question

restrictions of a complextype element

schema api

schema doubt

Schema for Schema

schema parser limitations

Schema reader

Schema subset efforts

Schema Validation

Semantic of the unique/key/keyref constraints.

Structures, Datatypes spec not consistent on simpleType final values

Substitution Group Wording in Structures

UTF-16 -> UTF-8

Validating with xerces-c

validating xml schemas with the standard schema

Xerces and QName resolution

XLink Schema Update

XML Representation for Notations - Public Identifiers and anyURI

XML Representation summary for <group>

Xml Schema Blues

XML Schema data type library

XML Schema form DTD

XML Schema vallidate

XML Testing

XPath expressions in Identity Constraints..

xsi:type in a complex type derived from an union

XSL stylesheet for displaying XML Schema

XSV not allowing empty fixed/default elements

XSV now includes partial support for RDDL

XSV1.2 and Chameleon schemas

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