fractionDigits facet constraints

Sorry about my previous post, here's a more readable version.

I've been reading through the three Schema specification documents

over the past several weeks, and I've noticed what appears to

me to be an accidental omission in the facet component constraints.

In the fractionDigits facet component, it is specified that the

value must not be greater than that of totalDigits. But, since

a new type being derived by restriction is supposed to further

restrain the value-space, it would also seem to follow that the

fractionDigits facet of a particular type must be less than or

equal to that of its base type. Otherwise, it would be possible

make a type which allows more fraction digits than its base type

it is derived from. However, I don't see any such constraint

anywhere in the specification, nor do I see any way that it could

be derived from the existing constraints. Was it accidentally

left out of the document? Or, was it omitted intentionally for

some reason I do not see?

-Kevin P. Yancey

Balance Wheel Technologies, Inc.

Received on Tuesday, 26 June 2001 03:46:24 UTC