Re: Detecting of schema errors writes:

> I have the following two definitions in a schema. You'll notice the
> second is using a hyphen not an underscore as per the pattern.
>      <xsd:simpleType name="ReleaseIdentifier">
>           <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
>                <xsd:pattern value="r[0-9]*|r[0-9]*_[a-z][0-9]*"/>
>           </xsd:restriction>
>      </xsd:simpleType>
>      <xsd:simpleType name="r3">
>           <xsd:restriction base="ReleaseIdentifier">
>                <xsd:enumeration value="r3-e3"/>
>           </xsd:restriction>
>      </xsd:simpleType>
> Should the parser flag an error when loading the schema, or only
> when validating an instance based on a schema using r3?

The second restriction is not allowed -- it's a schema error.

> Both XMLSpy 4.0b1 and XSV happily ignore the error as far as the
> schema is concerned.
> XMLSpy reports an error when validating an instance even if the value
> "r3-e3" is provided, saying that it doesn't match the regular expression.
> XSV is happy provided the instance uses the string "r3-e3" and
> doesn't report the value as violating the regular expression. Is
> this a bug? I recall that regular expressions were not supported in
> XSV a while back but they are not mentioned in the "Not Implemented
> yet" section of the latest status page.

Regexp support is not there -- this is meant to be understood by the
blanket "most simple types" entry in the Not Implemented yet section
-- sorry.

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