Getting the attributes type information through a Java API

I have an XML document that is contrained by its own XML schema (XSV file).
The XML file has been validated correctly.
My problem is that when parsing with SAX my XML file I would like to
retrieve the type of the attributes of my elements. Potentially, I would
like to check the type of my elements later too.
When parsing, I would like to call sth like org.xml.sax.Atributes
myAttributes(i).getType() and get sth like 'xsd:string'. So far, the only
thing that it returns is CDATA which is useless to me.
I don't know if there are any available API around but I guess that this is
typically what an XML schema validator does. As I'm new at creating XML
schemas, I would really appreciate some help on this point. Pls. feel free
to point me to any relevant XML schema resource.
Thanks in advance.
Olivier Colinet

Received on Monday, 25 June 2001 05:45:43 UTC