Re: keyRef scope and Xerces Parser !?

"Henry S. Thompson" wrote:
> Eric van der Vlist <> writes:
> > It means that a xs:unique or xs:key and its corresponding xs:keyref need
> > to be defined in the same element (the tables storing the values are
> > local to this element).
> Not quite -- simply that the scoping element for the key/unique must
> be the same as or occur (in the instance) within the scoping element
> for the keyref.

I think that it's what I meant ;=) ...

I should have said "scoping element" rather than "element", but my
understanding is that the PSVI key/keyref tables are both local to the
scoping element and that, therefore, the matching between key/unique and
keyref can only be done at this location.

This is one of the differences with ID/IDREF which tables are local to
the root of the document (the nearest that can be achieved with
key/keyref is to use the document element like shown in this example).

Am I wrong?


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