ANNOUNCE: XML Spy 4.0b1 released today, adds support for XML Sche ma Recommendation and more

We are pleased to announce the start of the beta testing phase for the
upcoming XML Spy 4.0 product line:

The XML Spy 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) builds on the
success of the award-winning XML Spy 3.5 product in the developer market and
adds expanded ODBC database access functionality, enhanced user interface
customization, as well as support for the final XML Schema Recommendation
for both graphical XML Schema editing and validation of XML instance
documents based upon XML Schema.

In addition, the new 4.0 product line will include the XML Spy 4.0 Document
Framework - a revolutionary solution for all document or content editing
applications that is based on a combination of XML Schema and XSLT
Stylesheets. This provides the customer with a highly user-friendly
interface - very much like a typical word processor - that allows for true
XML content editing and creation. The framework consists of two

The XML Spy 4.0 Document Editor supports free-flow WYSIWYG text editing,
form-based data input, graphical elements, presentation and editing of
arbitrary repeating XML elements as tables, real-time validation, and
consistency checking using XML Schema and is deployed on the end-users desk.

The XML Spy 4.0 Document Administrator application includes a graphical XSLT
Generator that enables the customization of the document editor by defining
an XSLT Stylesheet and additional editing-specific options based upon the
underlying DTD or XML Schema for use during the content creation or editing

For the current 4.0 Beta 1 release, we are starting with the 4.0 IDE, which
is available at this time. The Document Framework and XSLT Generator
products will become available at a later date. This 4.0b1 version of the
IDE includes the following new features:

   + support for the final XML Schema Recommendation released by the W3C on
   + the ability to automatically convert schemas from the April 7 WD or Oct
24 CR to the final Rec version 
   + the ability to convert existing DTDs, XML-Data, or BizTalk schemas to
the W3C XML Schema Definition Language 
   + automatic generation of an XML Schema from any ADO or ODBC accessible
SQL database (including datatypes & relations) 
   + expanded database connectivity (ADO or ODBC) for import/export
   + hierarchical database to XML import based on ADO SHAPE 
   + new user-interface look&feel (Office XP compatible) 
   + advanced user-interface customization (menus, keyboard-shortcuts, etc.)

   + lots of bug-fixes 

Use this URL to access our 4.0 product line preview page on the XML Spy web
site, which contains an introduction to the new 4.0 product line as well as
the download link for the actual 4.0b1 IDE software:

Please note, that due to the huge interest in our product we are no longer
able to offer a public beta program for XML Spy 4.0. Access to the XML Spy
4.0 beta version is restricted to existing customers, who have already
purchased a license for XML Spy 3.0 Premium or XML Spy 3.5. If you wish to
participate in this beta program and are not yet an XML Spy customer, please
visit our online shop at to get your license for
XML Spy today (US$ 199.-) - this way you will be able to take advantage of
the advanced features and XML Schema support available with 4.0b1 now and
automatically receive a FREE upgrade to the final XML Spy 4.0 IDE when it
becomes available in July.


The XML Spy Company

Received on Thursday, 14 June 2001 15:44:25 UTC