Re: ID/IDREF/IDREFS as elements

Eric van der Vlist <> writes:

> My understanding of the recommendation is that while "For compatibility
> (see Terminology (§1.4)) this datatype should be used only on
> attributes", it was still valid to use it for elements.
> This interpretation seems to be confirmed by the fact that ID typed
> elements do contribute to the PSVI ID/IDREF table like attributes:
> " has an attribute information item in its [attributes] or an
> element information item in its [children] which was ·validated· by the
> built-in ID simple type definition or a type derived from it whose
> [schema normalized value] is the [id] of this ID/IDREF binding."
> This is quite different from the way both XSV 1.2 ('XSV 1.190/1.95 of
> 2001/05/07 08:38:12'
> ) and XML Spy 4.0b1 are handling ID and/or IDREF elements (simple repro
> cases available if needed) and I'd like a confirmation that defining ID,
> IDREF and IDREFS as elements is valid and equivalent to defining them as
> attributes and that the styles can be mixed (for instance defining an ID
> as an attribute and an IDREFS to these IDs as element).

Absolutely.  XSV doesn't currently check ID/IDREF/IDREFS at all,
attributes or elements, but when it does it will check them regardless 
of how they appear.

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