Re: Email type

Roman Rytov writes:

>> Does a type for e-mail exist in "xsd" datatypes? 
>> If no is there any easyer way to define it 
>> comparing to the next definition: 
>> <xsd:simpleType name="ZEmail"> 
>>         <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> 
>>                 <xsd:pattern value=".+@.+[.]+.+"/> 
>>         </xsd:restriction> 
>> </xsd:simpleType> 

Not exactly what you're asking for, but there is a type for URI references 
which should be easily restrictable using a regular expression pattern to 
mailto:  only.   One might argue that to be a somewhat more web-centric 
solution, but I'm not sure it meets your needs.  I'm not aware of anyone 
who has created a standard name for such a type in a type library, but it 
might be a good idea. 

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Received on Sunday, 10 June 2001 19:41:08 UTC