Re: Intensional intersection means what?

"Roger L. Costello" <> writes:

> The structure's spec repeatedly uses the following phrases:
>    - intensional intersection
>    - intensional union
>    - intensional subset
> but does not define them.

Sure it does, as you quote below -- "as defined in Attribute Wildcard
Intersection", which in turn says "For a wildcard's {namespace
constraint} value to be the intensional intersection of two other such
values . . .", which is a definition of 'intensional intersection'.

> Can someone tell me what they mean?


> What if the above had just said ".. is the intersection of the ...". 
> Would this sentence mean anything different?  

Sure -- it would be incoherent -- intersection as such is an operation 
on sets.  A wildcard definition isn't a set, it's a characteristic
function for a (possibly infinite) set.  By 'intensional' I mean that
the operation is defined at the characteristic function == descriptive 
level, not the set level itself.

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