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Ian Stokes-Rees <> writes:

> If I have two schema documents libA.xsd and libB.xsd both in the foo
> namespace, and I am creating a new schema document in the bar namespace
> which references types in libA and libB, is it legal to have two
> "import" elements as follows (excuse the shorthand XSDL):
> <schema targetNamespace="http://bar" xmlns:foo="http://foo" >
>   <import namespace="http://foo" schemaLocation="libA.xsd"/>
>   <import namespace="http://foo" schemaLocation="libB.xsd"/>
> ...
> </schema>

It's allowed.  I guess I'd recommend building a small schema doc't for
http://foo containing two <include>s, and <import> that, but it's a
fine point.

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