Re: XML Schema form DTD

Eric van der List writes:

>> Entities just do not translate into W3C XML Schema!

You may wonder why.   It's a long, subtle discussion, but I think it's 
fair to say that the rough answer is:  XML 1.0 is not extensible in this 
respect.  It does not anticipate plugging in mechanisms other than DTD for 
defining entities or expressing the effect of such new mechanisms on 
well-formedness.   With regrets on the part of many schema WG members, we 
decided that changing XML 1.0 was beyond our mandate, and that the 
alternatives were effectively kludges.  I don't officially speak for the 
WG, but I think that's a pretty fair summary.

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Received on Wednesday, 27 June 2001 17:18:59 UTC