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Use case: Arkive Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 30 November)

use-case format Guus Schreiber (Friday, 30 November)

Introduction: Frederik Brysse Frederik Brysse (Friday, 30 November)

use case evolution - process question Smith, Ned (Thursday, 29 November)

Pre-agenda Dec 6 web ont telecon Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

Attendance at telecons/meetings Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

minutes: Webont 2001-11-29 teleconference (for review) Libby Miller (Thursday, 29 November)

Use case notes Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

introduction Ziv Hellman (Thursday, 29 November)

WEBONT homework Alexander Maedche (Thursday, 29 November)

use cases Leo Obrst (Thursday, 29 November)

WEBONT "HOMEWORK" Pat Hayes (Thursday, 29 November)

Agenda addition - Nov 29 Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

Web Ontology Use Cases and Requirements Jeff Heflin (Thursday, 29 November)

Homework: Ontology Use Case Nick Gibbins (Thursday, 29 November)

homework: proof the inconsistencies jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Thursday, 29 November)

use cases ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 29 November)

Use Cases for the Web Ontology Language Stefan Decker (Thursday, 29 November)

Fwd: RE: WEBONT "HOMEWORK" (DUE DATE approaching!) Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

homework - use cases Smith, Ned (Thursday, 29 November)

More use cases - Berners-Lee, Hendler Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

Agenda and Logistics - Web Ont WG Telecon - Nov 29, 2001 Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 November)

Homework: Ontology Useage Perspective Jonathan Dale (Wednesday, 28 November)

concern with lack of homework participation Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 28 November)

Introduction - John Stanton Bio Stanton, John (Wednesday, 28 November)

agenda: WebOnt 29Nov: usage homework, ftf prep, ... Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 28 November)

new WebOnt WG members Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 28 November)

homework: Personal Travel "Agent" Mike Dean (Wednesday, 28 November)

homework: using WebOnt for organizational stuff Dan Connolly (Monday, 26 November)

WEBONT "HOMEWORK" (DUE DATE approaching!) Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 21 November)

WebOnt Plans (Call for feedback) Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 21 November)

introduction - Natasha Kravtsova natasha.kravtsova@philips.com (Wednesday, 21 November)

use cases ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Tuesday, 20 November)

ftf info: book your hotel room soon! Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 20 November)

What shall we call the web ontology language?? Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 20 November)

Tele con times (please reserve) Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 20 November)

DAML and UML Jim Hendler (Monday, 19 November)

RDF and datatypes Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 19 November)

time schedule for Teleconferences ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 15 November)

intro RĂ¼diger Klein ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 15 November)

Re: UML for Ontologies and W3C Web Ontolog ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 15 November)

Mapping between UML and DAML Jonathan Dale (Wednesday, 14 November)

Introduction: Martin Pike Martin Pike (Wednesday, 14 November)

UML for Ontologies and W3C Web Ontology Working Group Leo Obrst (Tuesday, 13 November)

Registration for Webont Face-to-Face 14-15 January (please respond NOW) Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Monday, 12 November)

Description Logic information (was Re: DAML+OIL Expressivity Question) Deborah McGuinness (Monday, 12 November)

Latest release of ICS-FORTH RDFSuite Vassilis Christophides (Monday, 12 November)

Introduction: Jeremy Carroll Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 12 November)

introduction Webont herman.ter.horst@philips.com (Monday, 12 November)

introduction - stephen buswell Stephen Buswell (Monday, 12 November)

Introduction: Warner ten Kate warner.ten.kate@philips.com (Monday, 12 November)

Introduction: Mike Dean Mike Dean (Monday, 12 November)

Webont introduction - Libby Miller Libby Miller (Monday, 12 November)

Introduction Guus Schreiber (Monday, 12 November)

[Fwd: Introduction] Ned Smith Dan Connolly (Sunday, 11 November)

Introduction: Ora Lassila from Nokia Ora Lassila (Saturday, 10 November)

Introduction: Stefan Decker Stefan Decker (Saturday, 10 November)

Webont 2001-11-12 teleconference logistics and agenda Jim Hendler (Friday, 9 November)

Telecon details - Nov 12 call Jim Hendler (Friday, 9 November)

Introduction: David Trastour Trastour, David (Friday, 9 November)

Intro: Nick Gibbins Nick Gibbins (Friday, 9 November)

introduction Leo Obrst (Friday, 9 November)

Introduction: Michael Kohlhase Michael Kohlhase (Thursday, 8 November)

Introduction Thompson, Lynne R (Thursday, 8 November)

Introduction Oisin Hurley (Thursday, 8 November)

Introduction Michael Sintek (Thursday, 8 November)

Introduction Marwan Sabbouh (Wednesday, 7 November)

Introduction: Jonathan Dale Jonathan Dale (Tuesday, 6 November)

Introduction for Deborah McGuinness from Stanford Deborah McGuinness (Wednesday, 7 November)

Introduction Smith, Ned (Wednesday, 7 November)

Introduction Frank van Harmelen (Tuesday, 6 November)

Introduction Ian Horrocks (Tuesday, 6 November)

Principals and Alternates Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 6 November)

LEAD airport info Jim Hendler (Monday, 5 November)

WebOnt Introduction Jeff Heflin (Monday, 5 November)

Re: Web Ontology Working Group (Roster) Jonathan Dale (Monday, 5 November)

Critical omission from introduction... Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com (Monday, 5 November)

Introduction Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com (Monday, 5 November)

introduction: Jos De Roo jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Saturday, 3 November)

Antwort: LEAD: making an ontology about the ontology group... mario.jeckle@daimlerchrysler.com (Saturday, 3 November)

Introduction Smith, Michael K (Saturday, 3 November)

Apologies in advance Jim Hendler (Friday, 2 November)

Webont WG Jim Hendler (Friday, 2 November)

LEAD: making an ontology about the ontology group... Dan Connolly (Friday, 2 November)

[Fwd: Web Ont mailing list and greetings] Dan Connolly (Friday, 2 November)

Getting started Jim Hendler (Friday, 2 November)

Re: Web Ont mailing list and greetings Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Thursday, 1 November)

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