Introduction - John Stanton Bio

John Stanton's Bio

1974-1976 - Touche Ross, British Commonwealth of New Zealand. Member
of management team responsible for the definition, development and
implementation of a nationwide, distributed hospital and health care

1976-1981 - Chief, Field System Support Division, Army Intelligence.
Responsible for definition, development, implementation and support
of integrated hardware, software and communications systems in support
of the National Cryptologic Support Program, National Security Agency.

1981 - 1984 - Systems Programmer, Office of IT Management, GSA. 
Performed software engineering audits and reports on troubled 
national software developments in response to requests from the
Office of Management and Budget, and the General Accounting Office.
Developed COBOL & FORTRAN compiler test systems and provided guidance
to the Ada Joint Program Office and British Standards Institute on
aspects of conformance testing.

1984 - 1988 - Computer Scientist, Defense Research and Engineering. 
Funded industry, defense laboratory and university research on 
Very-High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) programs such as advanced 
lithography and silicon foundry technologies, and real-time chip
architectures.  Program manager for the development and testing
of the Ada language Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC) and the
Ada Compiler Evaluation Capability (ACEC).  Planned and implemented
program actions to establish the Software Engineering Institute
in conjunction with Carnegie-Melon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

1988 - 1992  - Founder of Washington Software Technologies Corporation,
prime contractor to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
(NIST) for all conformance testing systems development, maintenance 
and testing services on COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL, Pascal, Ada  & C. 

1993- Present - Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Project Manager for the USSOUTHCOM Panama Headquarters and 
field elements C4I systems relocation. Provide specific information
technology standards guidance for use in the Department of Defense;
CINC; Services & Agencies.

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