Introduction: Stefan Decker

Hi, everyone,

I am an working at Stanford University
in the DARPA DAML program on Semantic Web
and interoperation/mediation technology.
Previously I worked at the University of
Karlsruhe in the Ontobroker project, and
co-authored the first inference engine for RDF,
based on object-oriented deductive database
technology in 1998 (A successor is in preparation).
I contributed to OIL and DAML+OIL.
My interests include Knowlege Representation,
deductive databases, semi-structured data,
interoperation, workflow processes and
webservices, and the _pragmatics_ of the Semantic Web.
More details at:

All the best,



If I understood Dan correctly, he wanted at least
some of the following triples.

<rdf:RDF xmlns=""

   <swrc:person rdf:about=",2001:person">
      <fullName>Stefan Decker</fullName>
      <mailbox rdf:resource=""/>
      <nearestAirport rdf:parseType="Resource">

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