introduction: Pat Hayes

Work experience: Mostly ivory-tower (Universities of Edinburgh, 
Essex, Rochester, Illinois, West Florida), but with stints in 
industrial research labs (Schlumberger, Inc. and Xerox-PARC. ) 
Currently in an interdisciplinary research institute (IHMC) focusing 
mainly on applied Krep and knowledge engineering work supporting 
human collaboration in various contexts.

Interests: Knowledge representation and what is now called 
'ontology'; particularly the semantics of formalized languages and 
exploring ways of encoding meanings in notations of all kinds, and 
the nature of meaning more generally.  I have a track record of work 
in temporal and spatial reasoning.

Background:  Chiefly in AI, with an interest in the philosophy of 
mind and cognitive science.  I did some of the early work in 
computational logic, logic programming and 'naive physics', and have 
been active in ontology and Krep circles since then.  More recently I 
am on the DAML+OIL joint committee and the RDF Core working group, 
and am part of the ISO-KIF standardization effort.

My chief contribution to WebOnt is likely to be in semantics, and 
particularly how semantic decisions affect processing models. I am 
particularly interested in how the move to an open 'world-wide' 
ontology framework is likely to stretch current ideas on semantics, 
in particular how our formal semantic models will need to be extended 
to accommodate to such matters as social conventions for agreeing on 
common meanings.

Pat Hayes
IHMC					(850)434 8903   home
40 South Alcaniz St.			(850)202 4416   office
Pensacola,  FL 32501			(850)202 4440   fax

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