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Michael K. Smith

Recently I have been working on taxonomy construction to assist in the
organization of EDS' internal web site.  That, combined with recent
extensive involvement with XML, has led to an interest in ontology for the

Technical background includes:

- design and construction of tools for the analysis and transformation of
software systems
- tools to support formal analysis of programs (mathematical proofs of
- programming language semantics
- computer and network security
- natural laguage processing including representation of connected discourse
and reference resolution.  

I was one of the founders of Computational Logic, a small company that
performed research in the mathematical analysis of hardware and software
systems. I held the positions of Executive Vice President, President, and
Chairman during the 14-year life of the company. 

Michael K. Smith, PhD
Enterprise Architect
Electronic Data Systems
Austin Innovation Lab
98 San Jacinto, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701
Work: 512 404-6683
Cell: 512 789-4477

Location: 30:16:01 N 097:44:34 W

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