Introduction: Frederik Brysse

Hello all,

I'm Freek Brysse, serving as  Francesco's Iannuzzelli's alternate (IVIS
group) on this list. 
Sorry for the late intro, but I only got onto the list this week.


I studied Theoretical Computer Science  at the Free University of
Brussels (VUB), receiving a "licentiaat" degree (+- masters) in 1999.
My industry background is mostly e-commerce systems (Alcatel/Sony,

I'm fairly new to ontologies, my interest in this group stems from a
project at IVIS I'm involved with. It attempts to use ontologies &
taxonomies to provide tools that assist in the operational aspects of
merchandising in e-commerce.

My nearest airport is:

<apt:Airport rdf:about="">

  <apt:name>London Heathrow, London, United Kingdom</apt:name>  

My apologies for the most horrible & long .sig that gets automattically
attached to this mail.



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