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>Dear all:
>use cases can be one of the corner stones of our efforts.
>In our group at DC we had a discussion about what we can do here.
>In order to make a decision, we would like to know what these use cases should
>look like and how to deal with them:
>- size of the ontology
>- domain of the ontology
>- its relation to upper ontologies (if at all?)
>- typical problems to be solved with: semantic integration, intelligent
>information retrieval, knowledge modelling support
>- time schedule for the use cases
>- are there any tools recommended to be used in formulating and using the

more info coming soon, but actually it's exactly these questions I'm 
trying to tease out -- for what DC would like to do, what sort of 
these things would you like to see?  One example plenty - we're just 
trying to get conversation rolling to work towards some real use 
cases for exploring exactly these issues -- I'm particularly 
interested in the "typical problems" -- what would DC like to see us 
able to solve?
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