My name is Ziv Hellman 

(for those of you from the Netherlands, Scandinavia or the
German-speaking lands, that would be pronounced as Siv or Siew; if you
are from the English-speaking countries, it is pronounced as it is
written, with a 'Z' at the beginning and a long 'i' sound rather than a
short one in the middle)

I am a mathematical researcher at Unicorn Solutions (,
an Israeli-based start-up, and I am the W3C representative for this

I hold degrees in mathematics from Princeton University and the
University of California, San Diego. 

In my distant past I was a C-hacker in New York City, and conducted
statistical analysis as a research assistant at the central Bank of
Israel. More recently, I was involved in organizations promoting peace
talks between Israelis and Palestinians, and was a co-founder of an
ill-fated and quickly aborted start-up concentrating on Web search

My current tasks at Unicorn include researching issues involved with the
relationships between syntax expressibility and semantics of ontologies,
relating fragments of FOL and querying of ontologies, and using ontology
as a medium for transforming data and querying between/amongst disparate
data formats. So these dove-tail rather well with many of the missions
of the Web Ontology working group, and I look forward to participating
in this group.



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