Intro: Nick Gibbins

Nick Gibbins

I'm a researcher on the Advanced Knowledge Technologies
interdisciplinary research collaboration at the University of
Southampton, who I will be representing on this working group (my
alternate is David De Roure, the AC Rep for Southampton).

My background is in computer science, with a strong bent towards AI
and KR (and a brief foray into telecoms). My main research interest is
the design and deployment of Semantic Web-based knowledge services
which help the user to navigate increasing complex information spaces
by using ontological markup and annotations to identify that
information which is most relevant to the user's needs. A key aspect
of this is the description of the capabilities of the components in
such a heterogeneous distributed system in order to select those
knowledge services which can best serve the user's interests (the
service discovery task), an area which I studied in the course of my
PhD research.

I also have a related research interest in Web-based open hypermedia
systems, particularly those in which hyperlinks are treated as the
navigable surface manifestations of underlying ontological relations
(ie. conceptual open hypermedia).

 1991-1994  BSc in Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK
 1996-1997  MSc in Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, UK
 1997-2001  Studied for PhD (viva pending) in Computer Science, 
            University of Southampton, UK

 2000-      Researcher on the Advanced Knowledge Technologies IRC, 
            University of Southampton, UK

My nearest airport is:

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  <apt:name>London / Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom </apt:name>

Nick Gibbins                                  
Advanced Knowledge Technologies                    tel: +44 (0) 23 80592831
University of Southampton                          fax: +44 (0) 23 80592865

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