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[Fwd: Introduction] Ned Smith

[Fwd: Web Ont mailing list and greetings]

a use for a web ontology language

Agenda addition - Nov 29

Agenda and Logistics - Web Ont WG Telecon - Nov 29, 2001

agenda: WebOnt 29Nov: usage homework, ftf prep, ...

Antwort: LEAD: making an ontology about the ontology group...

Apologies in advance

Attendance at telecons/meetings

concern with lack of homework participation

Critical omission from introduction...


Description Logic information (was Re: DAML+OIL Expressivity Question)

ftf info: book your hotel room soon!

Fwd: RE: WEBONT "HOMEWORK" (DUE DATE approaching!)

Getting started

homework - use cases

Homework: Ontology Use Case

Homework: Ontology Useage Perspective

homework: Personal Travel "Agent"

homework: proof the inconsistencies

homework: using WebOnt for organizational stuff

how should we use IRC? [was: agenda...]

intro RĂ¼diger Klein

Intro: David De Roure

Intro: Nick Gibbins


Introduction - John Stanton Bio

introduction - Natasha Kravtsova

introduction - stephen buswell

Introduction for Deborah McGuinness from Stanford

Introduction to WOW-G

introduction Webont

Introduction: David Trastour

Introduction: Frederik Brysse

Introduction: Jeremy Carroll

Introduction: Jonathan Dale

introduction: Jos De Roo

Introduction: Lynn Andrea Stein

Introduction: Martin Pike

Introduction: Michael Kohlhase

Introduction: Mike Dean

Introduction: Ora Lassila from Nokia

introduction: Pat Hayes

Introduction: Stefan Decker

Introduction: Stefan Decker (LEAD prize winner)

Introduction: Warner ten Kate

Latest release of ICS-FORTH RDFSuite

LEAD airport info

LEAD: making an ontology about the ontology group...

Mapping between UML and DAML

minutes: Webont 2001-11-12 teleconference (for review)

minutes: Webont 2001-11-29 teleconference (for review)

More use cases - Berners-Lee, Hendler

new WebOnt WG members

Pre-agenda Dec 6 web ont telecon

Principals and Alternates

RDF and datatypes

Registration for Webont Face-to-Face 14-15 January (please respond NOW)

schedule suggestion [was: Agenda...]

Some use cases

Tele con times (please reserve)

Telecon details - Nov 12 call

time schedule for Teleconferences

UML for Ontologies and W3C Web Ontolog

UML for Ontologies and W3C Web Ontology Working Group

use case evolution - process question

Use case notes

Use case: Arkive

use cases

Use Cases for the Web Ontology Language

use-case format

Web Ont mailing list and greetings

Web Ont mailing list and greetings (SW->WebOnt pointer)

Web Ontology Reasoning in the SHOQ(Dn) Description Logic

Web Ontology Use Cases and Requirements

Web Ontology Working Group (Roster)




Webont 2001-11-12 teleconference logistics and agenda

WEBONT homework

WebOnt Introduction

Webont introduction - Libby Miller

WebOnt Plans (Call for feedback)

WebOnt Plans (requirements: yes, let's)

Webont WG

What shall we call the web ontology language??

Woods paper (was Re: LEAD)

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