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A single (minor) issue with the new [Beta #3] d8uv (Cody Woodard) (Friday, 30 April)

Problem with <a name="foo" /> vs. <a name="foo"></a> Ryan Holliday (Friday, 30 April)

Re: URI vs URL and long list of pedantic gramatical quibbles with the static pages Philip TAYLOR (Friday, 30 April)

Validator is not a person (?) Samuel Rinnetmäki (Friday, 30 April)

[ANN] Beta test for the Markup Validator - 0.6.5beta3 olivier Thereaux (Friday, 30 April)

CANTORS: A FAITH IN SONG info@thecantors.com (Thursday, 29 April)

URI vs URL and long list of pedantic gramatical quibbles with the static pages Andrew Robinson (Wednesday, 28 April)

checklink: Does anyone have the required packages compiled for Win32 Michael Volikas (Wednesday, 28 April)

Prerequisites list incomplete David Pisoni (Tuesday, 27 April)

The error message for uploading a non html document Dru Sellers (Tuesday, 27 April)

Nested link bug? Kai Hendry (Monday, 26 April)

Bug in HTML/XHTML Validator catchall@mclamb.us (Sunday, 25 April)

Runtime errors and excluding URIs by regex James Gallagher (Monday, 26 April)

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Andrew Robinson (Monday, 26 April)

http://validator.w3.org/check/referer Włodzimierz Kubera (Monday, 26 April)

validator and my homepage Paolo M. Grossholz (Monday, 26 April)

browser can see page but validator gets an error Claus Rosenberger (Monday, 26 April)

checklink: option to ignore certain links or groups of links James Gallagher (Saturday, 24 April)

Application/Octet stream not supported Wesley Philpot (Sunday, 25 April)

This isnt valid XHTML 1.0!!! Chris Roche (Saturday, 24 April)

Validation & errors Richard Cerrato (Thursday, 22 April)

[markup validator] source quoting i18n bug? olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 22 April)

Running the validator locally: taint mode problems Tim Jackson (Thursday, 22 April)

Validator reporting just "Not valid" Jukka K. Korpela (Thursday, 22 April)

No closing </head> tag and still validated? Ruben van Loen (Thursday, 22 April)

Site validation Martin Salo (Tuesday, 20 April)

Accesskeys and Keystrokes Combination on your web site John Britsios (Monday, 19 April)

Thank you! Jim Delaplante (Friday, 16 April)

Tips for deprecated tags and attributes Jere Purmonen (Sunday, 18 April)

Re: http://validator.w3.org/check Susan Lesch (Saturday, 17 April)

Re: the validator page isn't valid ;) Susan Lesch (Saturday, 17 April)

Minor suggestion E. Steve Fabian (Saturday, 17 April)

SoftHouse Romania Presentation Alexandra Popescu (Saturday, 17 April)

Bug Report + Patch: Config::General is required, but is not listed in the prerequisites. David Dorward (Saturday, 17 April)

Stylesheet for beta validator David Dorward (Saturday, 17 April)

[Fwd: the validator page isn't valid ;)] Ian B. Jacobs (Friday, 16 April)

MarkUp Validator's new clothes Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 16 April)

[ANN] Beta test for the Markup Validator - 0.6.5beta2 olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 15 April)

Supporting the OL tag in XHTML Strict 1.0 Samuel A. Falvo II (Thursday, 15 April)

LOS ANGELES CENTER FOR DIGITAL ART: CALL FOR ARTISTS LA Center For Digital Art (Wednesday, 18 February)

Validating pages that include Flash Andrew Robinson (Monday, 12 April)

Seeking Help To Build IE Plugins amit mangla (Thursday, 8 April)

XHTML Markup Validation problem Vito DeCarlo (Friday, 9 April)

Vaman Partner program Dhiren Raval (Friday, 9 April)

checklink: links to HTML validator and CSS validator Rafael Gieschke (Thursday, 8 April)

Char set encoding Veit Kannegieser (Wednesday, 7 April)

WWW Validator: Bad Hostname for shlomif.il.eu.org Shlomi Fish (Wednesday, 7 April)

Radio Show Info@mojomusicstudio.com (Wednesday, 7 April)

Invalid Validator Page Stefan Ram (Wednesday, 7 April)

checklink: Linda Povolo (Tuesday, 6 April)

Doc with no space in DTD considered valid Jamie Norrish (Tuesday, 6 April)

validator / checklink : probable (short) downtime olivier Thereaux (Monday, 5 April)

Hmm, your document is not valid. But darnit, I aint going to tell you why <g> Barry Dorrans (Monday, 5 April)

validator 0_6_0 type.cfg error Tu Trinh (Monday, 5 April)

The IFRAME tag Beech Horn (Saturday, 3 April)

A small patch.. hehe.. Mads / Shadeless Productions (Monday, 5 April)

checklink: error codes Tex Texin (Monday, 5 April)

Newsletter Anmeldung / Newsletter Registration www.BIOFITSHOP.de www.TOPFITSHOP.de (Sunday, 4 April)

Re: Link checker: 404 error for http://www.debian.org/support Ville Skyttä (Sunday, 4 April)

XHTML conformance in one of your pages... Arnaud Joubay (Sunday, 4 April)

bgcolor in Netscape Janne Wedenborg (Sunday, 4 April)

checklink: htmlhelp is forbidden MichaelJennings (Sunday, 4 April)

Re: checklink: patch to add "--omit" option, to ignore certain URLs Ville Skyttä (Saturday, 3 April)

Unkown Mime type Tu Trinh (Friday, 2 April)

[ANN] W3C Link Checker - version 3.9.2 - first standalone release olivier Thereaux (Friday, 2 April)

Page Validates, but problems with validator W.G. Hayes (Thursday, 1 April)

Unable to validate an XHTML1.1 document with an empty body Dave Laurenson (Thursday, 1 April)

Re: Admittedly obscure HTML doc't fools validator Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 1 April)

Re: Installing CVS W3C validator: bug? Ville Skyttä (Thursday, 1 April)

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