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Radio Show

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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 09:22:18 -0400
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Greetings from MOJO Music Studio, conveniently located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. We produce and air the newest and very best Independent Music in the world. Mojo Music Studio produces its own live, one-hour radio show called, The Studio. Scores of high school, college, Internet, and commercial radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, Australia, England, and New Zealand are already airing The Studio show each week. 


We’re offering you the opportunity to be included among these select stations that support what the people truly want to hear- INDEPENDENT MUSIC! We'd like you to try our show. It's crunchy and cutting-edge in design and the production is pro-standard. You can hear the two newest shows on our website at your convenience at http://www.mojomusicstudio.com/hear.asp I can also send The Studio Radio Show via snail mail (postal) in either a mp3 or CD Audio format if you chose to air it somewhere in your programming. We post our most recent show on our web site each Thursday. "The Studio" Radio Show has the NEWEST AND BEST, INDEPENDENT SOUNDS being created today. Bands from your area have already sent in music for our show and expressed interest in performing “live” at Mojo for “The Studio” Radio Show and I am sure we will be airing their music as well. Our show is endorsed by some notables from rock n roll history such as, Ian Hunter, Greg Lake, Scott Lombardi of Buffalo Springfield(revisited), Purge Di, Ringo and his All Star Band, Spencer Albee of As Fast As, Dave Gutter of Paranoid Social Club, Mike Farris from Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, and many more.... This Independent Radio Show is making a huge splash with listening audiences everywhere and there are no “Call to Action” ads in the show, so “The Studio” is Noncommercial and Commercial Radio Friendly. 


For you folks that are commercial radio, LISTEN UP! Many in and around the music industry love to support our show! We don’t have any other requirement except that “The Studio” be aired in it’s entirety on the same time and day each week. We appreciate any and all air times. The cost for “The Studio” Radio Show is $ 7.50 per week. Because we trying to get more coverage in your area, “The Studio” Radio show can be yours for FREE for a one year period. That’s right; we’ll provide the show in CD format or in MP3 format each week for FREE for one year if your station will air it! Please let me know your thoughts on this ASAP. We’d like to hear from you. 


Thank you! 


Frank Grima 

General Manager 

Mojo Music Studio 

PO BOX 536 Franconia, NH 03580 

(603) 823-5691 extension # 2

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