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HELP ON LAYERS PLEASE MaheshKT (Tuesday, 30 November)

permissive line breaks; RLURIs Kent Paul Dolan (Monday, 29 November)

Web-based voice -- why not asynchronous? James Salsman (Monday, 29 November)

new entities? Douglas Bagnall (Sunday, 28 November)

Lists within Paragraphs Kjetil Kjernsmo (Saturday, 27 November)

javascript-only list ? Mathieu Pillard (Friday, 26 November)


New Tag/Browser Plug-In D.A. Schepers (Friday, 26 November)

interoperability -- device upload has it James Salsman (Thursday, 25 November)

Re: XHTML/HDML rmdosb@sirius.com (Wednesday, 24 November)

textarea example honours newlines, but section 9.1 says not Dave J Woolley (Tuesday, 23 November)

No specification for querystrings and fragment identifiers Marion Denny (Monday, 22 November)

XML Parser Biju Nambisan (Tuesday, 23 November)

margin auto Daniel.Mann@smed.com (Monday, 22 November)

XHTML Sebastin Hester (Monday, 22 November)

table align=center Daniel.Mann@smed.com (Friday, 19 November)

hey wassup HtML ;) ij@w3.org (Tuesday, 16 November)

<METAARCHIVE's and metasouces Ignacio Javier (Sunday, 14 November)

Re: Row/Colgroups vs. Row/Colspanning greg@apple2.com (Friday, 12 November)

REMINDER: Please send HTML 4.0 errata to www-html-editor Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 10 November)

Re: Possible error in xhtml-1.0 dtd (fwd) Murray Altheim (Wednesday, 10 November)

RE: Suggestion for adding MINWIDTH and MAXWIDTH attributes to HTM L and CSS spec Piers Williams (Wednesday, 10 November)

Re: Suggestion for adding MINWIDTH and MAXWIDTH attributes to HTML an d CSS spec L. David Baron (Wednesday, 10 November)

Suggestion for adding MINWIDTH and MAXWIDTH attributes to HTML an d CSS spec Piers Williams (Wednesday, 10 November)

Licensed GIF software for Web use ? Andrew Daviel (Monday, 8 November)

URGENT: "The 'text/html' Media Type" last call ends 10 Nov Dan Connolly (Monday, 8 November)

Re: The Future of HTML (was: Acronyms and Abbreviations) Kjetil Kjernsmo (Saturday, 6 November)

Passing server's time in header when persisting data with cookie. robert.frenette@citicorp.com (Friday, 5 November)

The "title" attribute of "style" elements Ian Hickson (Thursday, 4 November)

Re: zhtml Reinier Post (Wednesday, 3 November)

Re: Implementation Query: <MAP> with mixed <AREA> <A> !? Ian Hickson (Wednesday, 3 November)

Q:how will i donwload a file Frances O. Guingon (Wednesday, 3 November)

HTML comments in <title> elements - valid or not? Sean Richardson (Tuesday, 2 November)

MacIE5 Beta Tantek Celik (Tuesday, 2 November)

paso de Arrays y applets Miguel Rodríguez (Tuesday, 2 November)

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