RE: The "title" attribute of "style" elements

Chris Wilson wrote:
>>> how would you make a PREFERRED EMBEDDED style sheet?
>> Just give it a title. ("name the style sheet with the title
>> attribute") The real question is how to make the style element an
>> alternate stylesheet, and not a preferred one. The answer is,
>> include it after any other link or style elements with titles
>> (since it has no 'rel' attribute).
> No, that would make it a preferred sheet; as you yourself have
> pointed out, just because a stylesheet is preferred does not mean
> it's automatically applied, according to HTML 4.0:

A non-applied preferred stylesheet and an alternate stylesheet are
functionally identical.

>> No, it would be preferred if it came before any other preferred
>> stylesheets. Just like a <LINK> stylesheet with a TITLE attribute
>> but no "alternate" in the REL attribute.
> Then there's no difference between a preferred and an alternate
> sheet.

If the preferred stylesheet is not applied, then no, there isn't.

>> I intended to propose behaviour whereby the 'title' attribute of
>> STYLE elements is treated _identically_ to the 'title' attribute of
>> LINK elements, and that all STYLE elements are assumed to be
>> "rel=stylesheet".
> I cannot support a proposal that would be so backwards-incompatible
> with the practice we've had in place for, oh, three years or so.

But the point is that this is _not_ particularly backwards compatible.
I challenge you to find two major sites that would be affected by
this. In fact, I challenge you to find _any_ sites at all that would
be affected by this!

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