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> You know,
> having cut and pasted that markup into a doc to view,
> ahem, reminds me of some of the more insane things 
> my copy of Dreamweaver did to effect "layout".

Your mention has led me to create a web page on the subject:

which includes the results of my tests in the only browser I could find
that honors the row grouping tags THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY as well as my
recommendations for rendering results under HTML 4.0 and HTML 4.01.

> If you get a hang on how these unsupported tags get 
> rendered by (well, at least NN and IE), you could do 
> some real "art".

Internet Explorer does support the tags, but from my tests, it doesn't
support them well.  They show signs of being added to existing table code
and not properly integrated.  Doubly-spanned cells are quite apparent.

> Best of luck with your project. Keep us appraised.

Please take a look at the page cited above.  It includes screen captures
of the tables in Internet Explorer as GIFs.  I'm very interested to know
how the Gecko engine for Mozilla 5.0 addresses this, and if it plans HTML
4.0 or 4.01 compliance.  My project appears to be leaning toward 4.01

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