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> What a silly statement.  It would be just as easy for HTML to
> evolve in SGML as it is in XML.  No one is forcing you to use
> one Document Type Declaration.  Arguably you can't really do
> that anyway.  That's why architecture forms exist.

It doesn't seem to me that your statement addresses Frank's
statement.  Unless I'm mistaken, Frank is talking about custom
extensions; and you seem to be referring to the evolution of
HTML proper.--
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I think an interesting point is being brought up here... there is a
tremendous gap between the time that the W3C finalizes a recommendation, and
the time that said recommendation is properly implemented in a decent number
of user agents.

With XML / XHTML in place, I guess it would theoretically be possible to
upgrade compatibility from XHTML 1.0 to XHTML 2.0 by merely having a
document refference the new schema... am I right, or do I misunderstand the


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