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Did I stump ciwah?  I'll rephrase the question and add www-html as a
carbon-copy.  For convenience, the original question (which contains a
rather bizarre example table) as posted to ciwah can be retrieved either
with the above URI or with this long one:


Should ROWSPAN and COLSPAN attributes span across rowgroup (THEAD, TFOOT,
TBODY) and colgroup (COLGROUP) boundaries, or should they only span as far
as the edge of these groups?

I can't find anything in HTML 4.0 one way or the other, though HTML 4.01
lends credence to the latter with its modified behavior of ROWSPAN=0 and
COLSPAN=0 [1][2], but comes short of saying that non-zero values are
similarly constrained.  There's no mention of it in the section on
spanning[3] either.

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