Re: New Tag/Browser Plug-In

"D.A. Schepers" wrote:

> I've thought up a new tag that I think would aid web document navigation. I
> am interested in developing the idea further, before I submit the idea to
> the forum.

Before you go to the work of implementing it, I'd recommend looking at
CSS1&2 and XML, and see if the functionality you're looking for isn't
there already.

> 1)I would like to see how my new tag works in practice. Is there an
> established way to modify a browser, or make a simpler HTML browser, to
> exploit a new tag?

You might look at amaya, which is open-source, and so should be
You might also work with XML, which lets you define your own tags.

> 2)If my new tag does seem to be effective, to whom would I send the
> proposal?

I'm not sure on this one.  If you're not part of a company that's a
member of the W3C, and don't want to spend $5k a year to become one, I
think the best you could do is submit your suggestion to this forum.

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Received on Saturday, 27 November 1999 12:13:11 UTC