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On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Frank Boumphrey wrote:

>Here are the european languages I am familiar with, and I bet if you look it
>up in your dictionary (?Norwegian )I bet  you will find that it has the same
>semantics there.

How much did you want to bet? Cause you lost! :-) 
In Norwegian, "paragraf" is used to denote the separator between "avsnitt"
in law texts, treaties, founding documents, etc. And, indeed, a "paragraf"
does have substructure! And what's more, a "paragraf" normally contains
ordered lists. 

If I understand my greek wordbook (no, I don't read greek :-) )
correctly, paragraph is originally supposed to be exactly that, a sign
introduced to show that a new point is coming up. 

As Russell pointed out, we'll have problems with math too. Equations
that are put in as blocks but should nevertheless be regarded as part of
the paragraph. <URL:>
writes about this.

>Div is not a hack, it was designed for exactly the purpose that you want
>to use it for, namely a block container of other blocks.

I use DIV a lot (in the absence of logical section containers (a
shortcoming I can live with)), but that's not the point, the point is that
paragraphs do contain substructure, and some of this substructure may be
blocks, such as equations. HTML doesn't address this, so the question is,
can we live with that?


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