Re: Implementation Query: <MAP> with mixed <AREA> <A> !?

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Dave Raggett wrote:

>> And also, what do we render in the place of the image? The alt
>> text, or nothing? And do we make it a link? A link to what?
> This is a design choice.

Well yes, That's why I'm asking... ;-)

> I would advise giving users the chance to follow the links specified
> in the area elements, perhaps by showing a popup menu when mousing
> over or clicking on the icon for the broken image.

(What icon? When images are broken/disabled, we are following the spec
and substituting in the alternative text.)

So what you are suggesting is that we should use the alternative text,
and make it a link, and on clicking this link, instead of going
somewhere we should provide the list of targets?

Should we do this when the MAP contains only A elements, but no AREA
elements? Or should we do this for all broken image maps?

> It would be great if the user preferences for the browser included
> the option to automatically insert the text generated from the map
> element and its contents, without user intervention.

We won't be doing that, since that would involve us doing automatic
(i.e., non-explicit/non-XSL) transformations, and the interactions of
that and CSS are undefined.

Thanks for your help,
Ian Hickson
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