Re: URGENT: "The 'text/html' Media Type" last call ends 10 Nov

At 10:08a -0600 11/08/99, Dan Connolly wrote:
>I saw some comments on draft-connolly-text-html-01 in this
>forum, and I'm not sure they've been addressed. Sorry...
>So if you sent something about "The 'text/html' Media Type"
>	(previously
>and it hasn't been addressed to your satisfaction, please raise the
>issue with or
>I hope to go over the www-html archive and double-check that everything
>has been addressed, but I'm sending this first, just in case I don't
>get that done in time.

My question was never addressed. This part:

     Macintosh File Type code: HTML

I believe it should be TEXT. I seem to recall reading *somewhere* that
all text/* media types should be of file type 'TEXT', and indeed, 99% of
.html files on MacOS computers are already of type 'TEXT'.

MacOS does not use file types to map files to applications, it uses the
creator code ('MSIE', 'MOSS', etc.), and thus a file type of HTML serves
no useful purpose, and indeed would hamper interoperability both on the
local Macintosh and when transmitting files from it.

I therefore recommend that this part of the draft be changed accordingly.

thank you,
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