On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Frank Boumphrey wrote:

> Not really once you understand the architecture of modules. With SGML your
> browser needs a DTD to be able to interpret the document, or must have
> inbuilt knowledge of a DTD.

This is simply untrue.  A DTD is no longer neccessary in SGML.
> With XML a namespace with a style sheet allows any browser to show your XML
> module the way you want it, no SGMl working parties.

With SGML (and XML) alone you just need a style sheet, namespaces are not
needed.  Architectures allow you to map element to avoid name collisions
in the same (better and more flexible?) way that I beleive namespaces

> I suspect Russel that you belong to the old SGML/DSSSL mafia who can't
> really believe that the old order has changed! <grin>

I do belong to such a group.  I'm just here to defend SGML every time
someone spreads FUD about how XML is better than SGML because SGML can't
do so and so.

Russell O'Connor                 
``And truth irreversibly destroys the meaning of its own message''
-- Anindita Dutta, ``The Paradox of Truth, the Truth of Entropy''

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