I've been interested in the development of XML / XHTML for quite some time,
and this thread raises one question for me... may or may not be on-topic
(sorry if it's off)

Does this represent, in the _opinion_ of people in the working group, "the
death of HTML?"

What I mean is, does the effort of the working group to create / promote
XHTML represent an attempt to bring to an end a winding, twisting history of
the SGML-based HTML language, and start a brand new era? Is SGML-based HTML
too limited to continue to grow in a rate comparable with the growth of
demand being placed upon it?

I guess this is where philosophy meets technicality... sorry if I'm
off-topic... I'm just very, very curious... I'm pretty sure that I'd agree
with W3C officials, no matter which stance they take... I'm just all too
intrested in really knowing what their stance is.


Received on Monday, 22 November 1999 20:37:23 UTC